Looking for Autodesk® Kynapse®?

Kynapse has been succeeded by Autodesk® Gameware Navigation, a completely new product that was designed by the same team that has been working on Kynapse for nearly a decade. Gameware Navigation was designed to improve the AI design and iteration experience to enable the creation of more complex, ambitious AI to meet the requirements of next-generation game developers.

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What happens to Kynapse now?

Autodesk will continue to offer support to all developers currently using Kynapse. The same team that built Kynapse is still here working on Navigation, so you can keep leveraging our knowledgeable support teams.

Where is the Developer Center?

If you are a developer currently using Kynapse you will continue to be supported by our dedicated teams and have access to the Developer Center here.

What about my future game projects?

Autodesk continues to offer high quality, robust AI creation tools made by experienced AI developers:

Autodesk Gameware Navigation

Autodesk® Gameware Navigation® 2013 is an artificial intelligence middleware providing automatic NavMesh generation, pathfinding, and path following in complex game environments. Character and obstacle avoidance, dynamic NavMesh, and swappable sectors are supported out-of-the-box. Gameware Navigation offers developers extensible, remote visual debugging tools that include record/playback capability, improving the speed and quality of AI iteration.

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Autodesk Gameware Cognition

Autodesk® Gameware Cognition 2013 is a visual programming system and run-time engine for creating high level artificial intelligence in video games. Gameware Cognition provides AI programmers, designers, producers and quality assurance staff with tools to collaborate in creating and managing ambitious AI while minimizing development complexity.

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