In the News

March 2014

Announcing the Gameware 2015 releases - March 18, 2014

Find out what's new in Scaleform 4.4, HumanIK 2015, Gameware Navigation 2015, and Beast 2015.

December 2013

Navigation 2014.5 has shipped offering substantial improvements - December 05, 2013

View the features offered in this latest release and download a free trial today.

November 2013

Graphite Labs discusses benefits of Scaleform Mobile SDK - November 21, 2013

In this detailed Blog post, Graphite Labs discusses why they switched from Unity to the Scaleform Mobile SDK to produce My Little Pony: Party of One and the benefits they experienced.

October 2013

Havok Offers Project Anarchy Users Autodesk® Scaleform® for Free - October 22, 2013

Mobile Developers Can Leverage the Familiar Adobe(R) Flash(R) Toolset to Create Powerful User Interfaces in Games Built with Havok's Free Game Engine

March 2013

Autodesk Reveals New Gameware Advancements at GDC 2013 - March 25, 2013

Game Development Solutions Boost UI Design, Artificial Intelligence, Lighting and Animation Tools

January 2013

Autodesk Gets Into the (Mobile) Game - January 17, 2013

Article covering the release of Starforce Battlement and Autodesk's push in the Mobile gaming industry.

September 2012

Autodesk Unveils New Gameware Navigation Artificial Intelligence Middleware - September 18, 2012

Autodesk Inc. has revealed the next-generation of its artificial intelligence (AI) middleware, Autodesk Gameware Navigation. Gameware Navigation is the successor of Autodesk Kynapse AI middleware, which empowers game developers to create believable character behaviors for video games. This technology has been re-engineered to offer developers full source code access, a more accessible API (application programming interface) and remote visual debugging tools.

July 2012

CNET writer Roger Cheng calls Scaleform for Mobile Platforms a 'godsend' - July 16, 2012

Read why Roger Cheng calls Scaleform for Mobile Platforms a ‘godsend’ for Flash game dev on iOS in his article on CNET.

Scaleform expands to support game development on mobile iOS and Android devices - July 10, 2012

GamesBeat talks to Marc Stevens, Autodesk Media & Entertainment vice president and Frank Delise, Autodesk senior product manager for Games, and reports on new versions of Scaleform for Unity engine and mobile development.

June 2012

Get Into Games 2012: Dev tools to give you the edge - June 27, 2012

EDGE compiles a list of game development tools for developers and mentions Autodesk art creation software – most notably Maya and 3ds Max – as well as Gameware as need-to-know tools in the Games industry.

April 2012

Autodesk Media Summit 2012 - April 12, 2012

Kelly Murdock writes about the future of Autodesk Gameware after attending the Autodesk Media Summit in San Francisco.

March 2012

Autodesk announces its 2013 games tools line-up - March 12, 2012

CG Channel covers the new 2013 releases of Autodesk Gameware tools, launched at GDC 2012.

GDC 2012: Nintendo Licenses Autodesk For Wii U - March 12, 2012

EDGE Online reports on Autodesk's partnership with Nintendo, which will enable them to use Autodesk Kynapse, HumanIK, and Scaleform middleware products for Wii U game development.

What Nintendo’s licensing deals with Autodesk and Havok mean for Wii U games and developers - March 12, 2012

Nintendo Gamer's Nick Ellis offers his take Autodesk's licensing agreement with Nintendo, and what it will mean for the Wii U.

GDC: Entire Game Built with GUI Tool - March 12, 2012

Develop takes a look at the development of TwinSpin, the first ever commercially released game built entirely with Autodesk Scaleform.

Autodesk debuts its Gameware group - March 12, 2012

Kathleen Maher comments on the new Autodesk Gameware offering and conludes: "The idea of making game development more easy and interactive is absolutely entrancing[…] the doors are opening for a new generation of creator who can worry less about the complexities of creation and worry more about the quality of the content."

The Future of Autodesk - March 12, 2012

Will Freeman interviews Autodesk VP of Product Management Marc Stevens about Autodesk's game development technology and what the company has in store for the future.

David Cage Pushes the Envelope of Interactive Entertainment with KARA and New Sony Game - March 12, 2012

GamerLive.TV reports that Quantic Dream has integrated Autodesk HumanIK middleware and Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite into its production pipeline. Read more and be sure to watch the "Kara' video that had everyone talking at GDC.

Best of Show at GDC - March 12, 2012

Scaleform wins the Silver Edge Award given by Computer Graphics World for Best of Show.

February 2012

Crytek integrates Autodesk Scaleform into CryEngine 3 - February 23, 2012

Crytek GmbH (Crytek), creators of the award-winning Crysis video game franchise and CryENGINE 3D engine technology, announced that Autodesk Scaleform user interface (UI) solution is now integrated into CryENGINE 3.

Singapore Games Hub Chooses Autodesk - February 12, 2012

Develop reports on Autodesk's new partnership with the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore. The agreement will place Autodesk tools in Singapore’s new Games Solution Centre – a business and development hub that helps local developers create and commercialise their games.

CryENGINE 3 Adds Scaleform Plus Other Features - February 12, 2012

Down Right Up Left looks at the new release of CryENGINE, version 3.3.9, which now integrates Autodesk Scaleform user interface solution.

January 2012

14th Annual Frontline Awards - January 12, 2012

In the 2012 Game Developer FrontLine Awards, Autodesk 3ds Max software won "Best Art Tools." Autodesk Scaleform and Autodesk Kynapse middleware were also finalists in the middleware category.

August 2011

VIDEO: Siggraph 2011 Tech Talk - Multi-Threaded 2D Renderer Design - August 12, 2011

In this Siggraph 2011 Tech Talk video, Senior Software Architect Michael Antonov discusses the design of our new and highly optimized 2D multi-threaded renderer included in the Scaleform 4.0 release.  

Following a high-level design description, this talk dives into multi-threaded rendering, introducing a novel render-tree design that allows the both threads to access scene graph nodes simultaneously, greatly reducing copy overhead. 

Autodesk VP Marc Stevens Discusses Middleware - August 05, 2011

In this interview, Autodesk's vice president of games Marc Stevens and character animation product manager Eric Plante walk us through Project Skyline, and its potential repercussions for the industry.

July 2011

DEVELOP INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2011: Autodesk wins Best Tools Provider - July 21, 2011

The biggest ever Develop Awards saw 17 different companies score major games industry accolades this evening with Autodesk winning the Best Tools Provider.

Develop Magazine: Designing an MMO UI - July 07, 2011

Scaleform principal engineer Prasad Silva offers a guide on designing MMO UIs

February 2011

VIDEO: Adobe’s Mark Doherty talks to Brendan about Scaleform Mobile - February 15, 2011

Scaleform CEO Brendan Iribe demonstrates our new mobile capabilities on iOS and Andriod devices at MWC 2011.

MasterImage Using Scaleform in New 7" Stereoscopic 3D Display Demo - February 14, 2011

MasterImage demonstrated its new 7” 3D display with the latest movie trailers and its 4” 3D display with user interface design from content partner Scaleform at Mobile World Congress.

Scaleform optimized for Imagination Tech POWERVR Mobiles - February 14, 2011

Imagination Technologies, the leading multimedia chip technologies company is working with partners including Apical, Digital Legends, Natural Motion, NAVTEQ, Pushbutton, Scaleform and Visioglobe to showcase the latest and most innovative and advanced usage of GPUs for graphics, multimedia applications and devices to MWC 20111

January 2011

Scaleform to reveal new 'mobile-optimised' UI tool - January 03, 2011

Scaleform, an industry-leading UI tools company used in a wide range of games from Batman Arkham Asylum to Street Fighter 4, will unveil the next edition of its technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

September 2010

Scaleform Wins "One To Watch" Award for Promising Technology from NVIDIA - September 24, 2010

Scaleform has received the coveted "One To Watch" award in 2010 for promising technology and potential market impact. Of the 60 companies participating in NVIDIA's Emerging Companies Summit (ECS), 5 have been chosen to win the award including Scaleform.

We are honored to be recognized for this award and send our congratulations the other winners Scalable Display, VisiSonics, Universal Robotics and Empulse.