Autodesk® is now offering its award winning Autodesk® Scaleform® SDK as a standalone Adobe® Flash® runtime for mobile development at the low price of $295 per platform/seat. Scaleform allows for easy deployment of your flash games and application to Apple® iOS and Android™. Visit our Downloads page to get your 30 day free trial and experience Scaleform for yourself. Read below for more information and check out our FAQs

The advanced graphical capabilities of Scaleform helped Outwitters stand out from the crowd."
Alex Okafor
One Man Left Studios

Content Development

Developers can use ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3, as well as native C++ APIs to script cross-platform game or application logic. Scaleform supports ActionScript APIs for handling touch and gesture events, saving and loading to device, sound playback, and device events like wake, sleep, and orientation change.

Graphics Quality

With ever increasing screen resolutions, our high quality, anti-aliased vector graphics rendering will help differentiate your game.

Fast Compilation

Compiling from Adobe Flash to Air can take upwards of 2 minutes, which when done 30 to 40 times per day, causes long iteration times. When using Scaleform, compiling is decreased to between 10 and 20 seconds.


The small memory footprint of Scaleform allows developers to devote more space to game content, helping them stay under the 50MB data limit needed to download games over the air on iOS.


Scaleform’s highly optimized, multi-threaded renderer provides excellent performance and takes full advantage of HW acceleration.

Source availability

For more complex projects, you can purchase complete source code from Autodesk. Please email to request source access.


Certain license options allow for complete access to our engineers. Please visit the Scaleform comparison page for details.

Watch gameplay from Starforce Battlement, a tower defense game built enitrely using Autodesk Scaleform and Flash.
Scaleform's patented vector anti-aliasing algorithm smooths out curves
Scaleform keeps 3D objects as fully transformed triangles, rather than drawing them as a bitmap.