Autodesk Scaleform

Autodesk Scaleform is a Flash-based user interface (UI) solution for PCs, game consoles, mobile devices, and consumer electronics.

Autodesk® Scaleform® combines the power and performance of modern 3D graphics technology with the proven productivity and workflow of Adobe® Flash® and the Adobe® Creative Suite®, resulting in faster creation of higher quality content. Its powerful features have made Scaleform the trusted solution on over 800 projects, from AAA titles to casual games and consumer electronics.

The latest release, Scaleform 4.4, provides optimized performance on next-generation and mobile platforms with a brand new ActionScript 3 virtual machine and a re-architected rendering engine designed to take advantage of multiple cores. Additionally, Scaleform 4.4 brings developers increased customization and improved game engine integration.

A Design-Driven Workflow

Scaleform Workflow


  • Create UI assets, including bitmaps, vectors, audio, and video using the Adobe Creative Suite.


  • Bring your UI to life by importing assets into Flash® Studio and adding interactivity and animation.


  • Export Flash content to your game (powered by Scaleform) and connect the UI.


  • Test the Flash content navigation, localization and functionality running in your game.

Why Scaleform?

Streamlined Workflow

Scaleform enables developers to use the Adobe Creative Suite to create menus, UI elements and 2D graphics for 3D games. Development is streamlined by empowering artists to create and rapidly iterate 2D assets using the Adobe toolset with little programming support which results in decreased labor costs and improved time to market.

Custom Tools and Kits

Scaleform provides a library of pre-built, highly optimized UI components that cover a broad range of uses: buttons, check boxes, dropdown menus and text input boxes. In addition, a variety of fully functional UI kits have been created to demonstrate Scaleform best practices and give designers a head-start on common use cases.

Multi-Threaded Graphics Rendering

The multi-threaded rendering engine in Scaleform takes advantage of the latest hardware features, making it one of the fastest hardware-accelerated vector graphics software available today. Rendering performance gains of 3 to 5 times have been reported over previous versions of Scaleform, in addition to a significant reduction in draw primitives and CPU/GPU workload caused by advanced batching and sorting protocol.

Mobile Functionality

Compatible with Apple® iOS, Android™, and Windows® RT and Phone 8 platform-powered devices, Scaleform allows mobile developers to leverage hardware accelerated 2D graphics to create 2D and 3D applications, UIs and games. Developers can license our full source code or one of our Mobile/Unity packages. Learn more about these packages here.

Latest Features

New ActionScript 3 Virtual Machine

Scaleform 4.4 introduces a brand new ActionScript 3 virtual machine that reduces memory usage and offers significant performance improvements. The new AS3 VM uses more efficient data structures and improved byte code optimization resulting in accelerated scripting that allows developers to make heavier use of AS3 without impacting performance.

Multi-Core Rendering

Scaleform 4.4 debuts a re-architected renderer, designed to take advantage of multiple cores. Now rendering to deferred contexts can be used to record sequences of rendering commands that will be executed by the GPU at a later time, allowing the building of command buffers in parallel environments.

Enhanced ActionScript 3 Compatibility

Developers now benefit from enhanced ActionScript coverage and compatibility. Scaleform 4.4 adds support for additional ActionScript 3 classes including Utils3D and Action Message Format serialization.

Customizable Exporter Tool Chain

Scaleform 4.4 adds support for customizable, data-driven texture conversion tools that can be used with the Scaleform Exporter tool for platform-specific tool chains.