Tools and Kits

A variety of fully functional UI kits have been created to demonstrate best practices and give developers a head-start on common use cases. These kits are fully customizable and can be used directly in games and applications to expedite development.


CLIK™ Common Lightweight Interface Kit provides a set of common UI components that can easily be customized to fit any desired style or theme. The CLIK component tools accelerate the design and development of UI on multiple platforms, including PCs, consoles and mobile devices. Users can easily create and customize UI elements with minimal coding. CLIK components can be created by dragging and dropping them from the component library onto the stage in Adobe® Flash®. CLIK is easy to "skin", simple to extend and lightweight in terms of memory and CPU usage.

Rapid Visual Skinning

  • Allows you to rapidly prototype and skin UIs using the full set of Adobe® tools for multiple design and testing iterations.
  • Comes with a flexible bi-directional communication mechanism for the components and the game, making it very easy to connect UI interaction with game logic and vice versa.
  • Components come with an intelligent and flexible input and focus routing system that frees you from creating a system from scratch.


AMP™ (Analyzer for Memory and Performance) is a complete remote profiling tool that monitors CPU usage, graphics rendering, and memory allocation in real-time. Using frame-based history graphs, you can quickly spot problem areas, then drill down to determine their exact cause.

AMP also includes a complete ActionScript profiler with hierarchical function and per-line timings, showing which scripts need optimization. While AMP is designed for Flash artists to tweak content as they develop, Autodesk® Scaleform® has also added detailed programmer interfaces that expose the stats API for custom engine integration.


The Scaleform MMO Kit, designed for optimum performance and memory savings, provides an out-of-the-box UI framework for massively multiplayer online games. The kit includes CLIK-based interface elements as well as drag-and-drop, icon resource management, and data binding functionality. Developers can utilize this kit as a game-ready solution with minimal customization or simply as a best practices guide when designing a MMO UI from the ground-up.

Menu Kit

This kit demonstrates and fully documents how to create a fully-featured, AAA quality main menu for PC and console games. The Menu Kit shows best practices for developing splash screens which transitions into in-game content, managing screen resources and loading background data. It also shows how to stream video properly in menus, and PC/console input handling with ActionScript 3 content.


The Scaleform HUD (Heads Up Display) Kit is a high performance, fully-featured, AAA quality user interface kit that you can easily customize and drop into your game or application. The HUD Kit speeds up the creation of high performance first-person shooter (FPS) UIs using the new Scaleform Direct Access API. It can also be extended to create dynamic UIs for other game genres.

  • 1.  Game Mini Map
  • 2.  Animated Log of Game Events
  • 3.  Scoreboard and Team Statistics
  • 4.  Player Health / Ammo / Status
  • 5.  Animated Pop-Up Notifications
  • 6.  Experience and Rank Display
  • 7.  Dynamic Reticule
  • 8.  Directional Hit Indicator
  • 9.  Objective Capture Indicators
  • 10.  Billboards / Nameplates
  • 11.  Player Text Notifications

Scaleform Video

Bring Your Content to Life

Scaleform Video can make a variety of content more eye-catching and interactive, including intro logos, main menus, in-game HUDs, in-game textures, in-game video screens, full-screen cinematic cut scenes, loading screens and more.

  • Logos


  • Cut Scenes

    Cut Scenes

  • Video in UI

    Video in UI

  • Video on 3d Object

    Video in 3D

  • Video in HUD

    Video in HUD

Powered by the CRI Movie Codec

Scaleform Video is based on the CRI Movie™ codec, but with significant workflow enhancements and full integration into Flash. The CRI Movie codec provides superior playback and encoding advantages over existing video codecs. CRI Movie's next-generation playback engine was custom built for real-time game systems, taking advantage of the latest multicore hardware.

Scaleform Video Workflow

Video Object

HD and Full Motion Alpha Support

Scaleform Video supports the latest HD (1080p) formats and provides impressive visual fidelity at higher resolutions compared to other codecs. Full motion alpha channel support allows you to create a range of animated partially transparent “green screen” effects using highly compressed video. Combined with progressive loading, you can effectively stream and display videos at any time on any surface in the game.

Manage Multiple Audio Tracks and Cue Points

Scaleform Video can support multiple mono, stereo and 5.1 surround sound audio tracks, which can be controlled at runtime using the Flash ActionScript™ video API and Autodesk Scaleform 3.0 video extensions. Note that 5.1-support is not available on the Nintendo® Wii™. Similar to audio tracks, Scaleform Video also supports and manages multiple subtitle tracks. Multiple cue point tracks for chapter navigation and event generation make it easy to add Flash effects and animations at specific points during playback.

Scaleform Video Workflow

Video Encoder

Easy-To-Use Video Encoder

Scaleform Video includes an easy-to-use video encoder that allows you to add subtitles, cue points and multiple audio tracks. You can also change the bitrate to control the quality, compression ratio and size of the output file with encoding speeds 10 to 20 times faster than other videogame movie solutions.

Console and PC Support

Scaleform Video is supported on Sony PlayStation® 3, Microsoft® Xbox® 360, Nintendo® Wii™, Mac® and PC. The encoder tool is currently only supported on Microsoft® Windows®.

Scaleform IME

The Scaleform IME™ (Input Method Editor) enables a game to support multi-language profiles and multi-language chat by adding Asian language inputs.

Input Text in East Asian Languages for In-Game Chat

IMEs allow you to input text in East Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which have large character sets that can not be easily mapped to keyboard keys. IMEs assist text entry by displaying suggestions and modifying the input string as it is being typed. In applications that use Scaleform IME, players can chat with their friends in Asian languages as easily as they do on PCs.

Supported IMEs:

  • Japanese IME (MSIME 2002)
  • Chinese Traditional New Phonetic
  • Chinese Simplified ABC
  • ATOK Japanese IME
  • Chinese Simplified ShuangPin
  • Sogou Pinyin IME
  • Chinese Traditional New ChangJie
  • Chinese PRC Microsoft Pinyin 3.0
  • Chinese Traditional Quick
  • Chinese Simplified QuanPin
  • Google Pinyin IME
  • Chinese Traditional Phonetic
  • Japanese IME (MSIME 2007)
  • Chinese Traditional DaYi
  • Chinese Simplified NeiMa
  • Wubi 86/98
  • Chinese Traditional ChangJie