CLIK™ Common Lightweight Interface Kit provides a set of common UI components that can easily be customized to fit any desired style or theme. The CLIK component tools accelerate the design and development of UI on multiple platforms, including PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

Users can easily create and customize UI elements with minimal coding. CLIK components can be created by dragging and dropping them from the component library onto the stage in Flash. CLIK is easy to "skin," simple to extend and lightweight in terms of memory and CPU usage.

Rapid Visual Skinning

Technical Highlights

  • Allows you to rapidly prototype and skin UIs using the full set of Adobe® tools for multiple design and testing iterations.
  • Comes with a flexible bi-directional communication mechanism for the components and the game, making it very easy to connect UI interaction with game logic and vice versa.
  • Components come with an intelligent and flexible input and focus routing system that frees you from creating a system from scratch.