Core Technology

At the heart and soul of Autodesk® Scaleform® is a hardware-accelerated vector graphics technology, which tessellates vector graphic shapes into triangles that modern 3D video cards can render. Converting the data into triangles enables Scaleform to output vector graphics faster than traditional software rasterizers, making it the ideal solution for high-performance multimedia environments.

  • Renderer

    The multi-threaded rendering engine in Scaleform takes advantage of the latest hardware features, making it one of the fastest hardware-accelerated vector graphics software available today. Rendering performance gains of 3 to 5 times have been reported over previous versions of Scaleform, in addition to a significant reduction in draw primitives and CPU/GPU workload caused by advanced batching and sorting protocol.

  • Scalability & Tessellation

    Autodesk Scaleform vector graphics are hardware-accelerated and anti-aliased using a revolutionary new technique: triangle-based tessellation and Edge AA. This technique does not rely on FSAA or complex pixel shaders.

  • Scale9Grid

    Vector and image based Adobe® Flash® Scale9Grid, including special seamless image and transformation compatibility, make it easy for artists to build resizable UI components such as windows, panels or buttons.

  • Multi-Threading

    With Autodesk Scaleform, you can play files on separate threads for uninterrupted UI and asynchronous "progressive" file streaming.

  • ActionScript Compatibility

    The new ActionScript 3 virtual machine enables studios to draw from a wide range of publicly available assets and resources as well as a much larger talent pool of capable developers. What's more, ActionScript 3 support opens up new doors for casual game developers to port their web games with very little modification to native apps on mobiles and consoles. Scaleform will also continue to support ActionScript 2 code.

  • Memory System

    Memory allocation is based on a heap strategy that allocates and frees memory in large logical grouped blocks, reducing fragmentation and ensuring big blocks are released to your game.

  • Font and Text

    Efficient font compression, font type sharing, and dynamic glyph caching offer significant memory savings and high-quality scalable text output. Combined with a rich HTML text layout engine, you now have access to a world-class professional font and text solution.