UI Kits

A variety of fully functional UI kits have been created to demonstrate best practices and give developers a head-start on common use cases. These kits are fully customizable and can be used directly in games and/or applications to expedite development.


The Scaleform MMO Kit, designed for optimum performance and memory savings, provides an out-of-the-box UI framework for massively multiplayer online games. The kit includes CLIK-based interface elements as well as drag and drop, icon resource management, and data binding functionality. Developers can utilize this kit as a game ready solution with minimal customization or simply as a best practices guide when designing an MMO UI from the ground-up.

  1. Paper Doll – Including intelligent equipment management framework and character sheets showing equipment and stats.
  2. MiniMap – Dynamic terrain display providing player navigation.
  3. Spellbook – CLIK scrolling list and slots.
  4. Unit Frames – Displays game and target stats.
  5. Tooltips – Dynamically resizable framework with support for images and HTML text.
  6. Inventory – Drag and drop with bag containers.
  7. Action Bars – Customize abilities and hot keys with cool down support.
  8. Window Manager – Ability to launch various UI elements.
  9. Chat Log – Multiple channel chat window.
  10. Casting Bar – Supports interruptions during casting.

Menu Kit

This kit demonstrates and fully documents how to create a full featured, AAA quality main menu for PC and console games. The Menu Kit shows best practices for developing splash screens which transitions into in-game content, managing screen resources and loading background data. It also shows how to stream video properly in menus as well as best practices for PC/console input handling with ActionScript 3 content.


The Scaleform HUD (Heads Up Display) Kit is a high performance, full-featured, AAA quality user interface kit that you can easily customize and drop into your game or application. The HUD Kit speeds the creation a high performance first-person shooter (FPS) UIs using the new Autodesk Scaleform Direct Access API. It can also be extended to create dynamic UIs for other game genres.

  1. Game Mini Map
  2. Animated Log of Game Events
  3. Scoreboard and Team Statistics
  4. Player Health / Ammo / Status
  5. Animated Pop-Up Notifications
  6. Experience and Rank Display
  7. Dynamic Reticule
  8. Directional Hit Indicator
  9. Objective Capture Indicators
  10. Billboards / Nameplates
  11. Player Text Notifications

Although this kit provides an out-of-the-box UI solution for any FPS game, you are not limited by the content provided. Instead, you can customize or extend individual elements of this kit to create new and innovative interfaces for any type of game or application.

Lobby Kit

Scaleform Lobby is a fully configured, out-of-the-box solution designed to dramatically reduce the cost and overhead of creating in-game multiplayer interfaces. Included as part of the core Autodesk Scaleform SDK, Scaleform Lobby allows artists to easily customize the look and feel using Adobe® Flash®. GFx 4.0 compatibility coming soon.

  • Account Login

    Account Login

  • Browser List/Stats

    Browser List/Stats

  • IP Connect

    IP Connect

  • Chat/Buddy List

    Chat/Buddy List

  • Find Friends

    Find Friends

Includes comprehensive set of components for easy integration

Scaleform Lobby includes a comprehensive set of optimized components for account creation and management, server browser, buddy systems, statistics and matchmaking functionality.

Designed for easy localization

Scaleform Lobby is designed for localization and comes preconfigured with 10 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) in a simple language selection interface. Other languages can be easily added.

Numerous chat capabilities, including Asian IME text input

Scaleform Lobby includes an intelligent chat interface with multi-tab session support. Chat input supports Scaleform’s Asian Input Method Editor (IME) text input, selection, cut/copy/paste, and it automatically turns character sequences such as ":)" into emoticons. In addition, the chat log supports word wrapping and full HTML text for multiple colors, font types, embedded images (emoticons) and more, and it keeps track of the number of chat entries.

Fully functional and optimized for PCs and consoles

Scaleform Lobby works on PCs and all major consoles, with full keyboard, mouse, and gamepad support. Its flexible interface supports GameSpy or other network services; with minimal customization, Scaleform Lobby can be integrated into a game's existing network infrastructure.

Customizable Server and Buddy Lists

Scaleform Lobby’s flexible interface makes it easy to customize all data elements for custom server and buddy lists as well as detailed player and profile information and in an efficient data management system. Enabling fast sorting, filtering and searching, the column system with shared scrollbars makes it easy to sort and search, and enables users to single or double click to join groups, get player information, join chat sessions, and more.