Cross-Platform Performance

Scaleform is currently the only fully licensed tools and middleware provider of a Flash® player in the video game industry. As such, our experienced engineers have developed Autodesk Scaleform for maximum performance on all major video game platforms. Platform specific renders and sample applications have been created to maximize the hardware capabilities of each system, including the PC where our hardware-accelerated technology provides lightning fast performance.

XBOX 360®

Autodesk Scaleform utilizes all of the muscle of Xbox® 360’s PowerPC CPU and ATI GPU. To date, over 300 Scaleform-based titles have shipped on the Xbox® 360

Playstation® 3

The powerful NVIDIA GPU in the PlayStation 3 is fully utilized by Autodesk Scaleform, providing you with optimal performance and simple integration.


Especially useful for Wii developers, a "lite" version of Autodesk Scaleform enables you to use select functionality, which reduces memory footprint.


Our software is designed to work on PC’s running a variety of hardware and all major operating systems. The hardware-accelerated capabilities take full advantage of the GPU, when available.


Fully supported on MacOS X and higher, and optimized for the latest Mac hardware


Through our platform independent renderer, Scaleform runs on all major Linux distributions.

Nintendo® 3DS

The innovative autostereoscopic display is fully supported by Scaleform enabling developers to easily create compatible 3D UI designs.


The Playstation Vita is an extremely powerful handheld gaming system with several input options all supported by Autodesk Scaleform.

Mobile Devices: iOS® and Android®

Scaleform has recently been optimized for mobile development on iOS and Andriod mobile devices.