Mobile Development

Autodesk Gameware technologies cover a wide range of needs for developers focusing on mobile devices. Products are built to integrate into many devices, and are optimized to run efficiently with a small memory footprint.

Traditionally Scaleform has been used by top game studios to create impressive user interfaces using Adobe Flash for AAA games on PC, consoles, and handheld gaming systems. With the rapid expansion of the mobile market, Autodesk is now introducing a low priced version packed with features tailored to the mobile market. Read below for more information and check out our FAQs.

Click here to view games made using the Scaleform Unity Plugin or Mobile SDK.

Autodesk Scaleform for Mobile Platforms can be used in the following 3 ways:

  1. Unity UI plugin - Scaleform for mobiles includes an out-of-the-box Unity integration allowing Unity developers to create AAA quality game UI and menu screens using Flash. This integration is designed to work as a native plug-in to the Unity engine and requires no C++ programming.
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  2. UI solution for mobile game engines - The Scaleform SDK can be easily integrated into a wide variety of existing and proprietary mobile game engines to create AAA quality menus in a fraction of the time. This solution has been widely adopted by many larger customers with proprietary engines and is now available to the general public at an affordable price.
  3. Standalone mobile platform - The cross-platform, hardware accelerated vector graphics capabilities of Scaleform make it an ideal solution to develop games and applications for iOS and Android. Click here to learn more about The Scaleform Advantage.

Creating realistic lighting that uses little system resources can be a difficult task, which makes the baking technology of Autodesk Beast™ an ideal solution. Beast is optimized to bake global illumination data into light maps, shadow maps, and point clouds. Baked lighting can give a higher quality game environment while delivering predictable performance.

Some games require a wide variety of character animations, which can result in increased install sizes and poorer runtime performance which can be detrimental in mobile games. HumanIK features full-body inverse kinematics and real-time retargeting technology, enabling characters to interact with and procedurally adapt to game environments at run-time.